Cemetery Card Number 9666

This week Janie Dillon, a genealogist and Kegley Library volunteer, transcribed cemetery card number 9666 into a spreadsheet which was then uploaded to our website.  Janie has diligently verified and transcribed cards in the cemetery card catalog since 2010.  Listings for tombstones for individuals with surnames from A to L are now available online.

One of the most popular collections at the Kegley Library, the Cemetery Project is composed of two formats.  One format are cards for individual tombstones arranged alphabetically in a bulky catalog located beside the Kegley Library reading room.  As mentioned above, we hope to have all of the cards transcribed into spreadsheets within a few years.

The other format involves each cemetery listed by looseleaf notebook with the same information on the cards.  The project was begun by WCC Library staff in 1981.  Assistant Librarian Tim Smith initiated the project, along with others, visiting cemeteries across Wythe County and transcribing over 10,000 tombstones.  George Mattis, now Coordinator of Library Services, continued the cemetery visits and transcription after Smith’s departure.  We invite you to check out the cemetery listings as well as lists of church and non-church cemeteries giving directions on our Cemeteries page.

To the right is a pastoral scene of Speedwell Methodist Church and cemetery taken by Tim Smith in the 1980s.  The top image is from St. John’s Lutheran Church cemetery.

Below are some photographs of tombstones taken by Tim Smith:

Tombstone of Elizabeth Spraker in Zion Lutheran Church cemetery

Tombstone of Daniel Weaver who died in a railroad accident in 1892


Zion Church Cemetery tombstone

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