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Any researcher may use the Kegley Library. Prior notice of intended visits is appreciated. The reading room of the Kegley Library contains open stacks of books and family and subject files. Researchers are free to browse materials; however we ask that you do not re-shelve items. Many materials are housed in a separate vault room and will be retrieved by staff members for researchers. Please note that most items do not circulate and must be used in the Kegley Library reading room.

If you are not able to visit the Kegley Library in person due to distance, staff may be able to assist you remotely with limited research and can scan appropriate documents for email to you. This service is offered based on availability of staff.

Most items are available for self-service photo-copying; however some fragile items, particularly manuscripts and newspapers, may not be copied. Laptop computers, tablets, digital cameras and portable scanners may be used upon approval by staff members.

Use of manuscript, oral history, and photograph collections require additional regulations and guidelines.

For additional information on our collections please see the Collections page or contact Bill Veselik,, (276) 223-4876 or George Mattis,, (276) 223-4744.

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